Problems Faced With Dental Implants

Dental implants are a truly revolutionary way of replacing lost teeth that overcome most of the shortcomings caused by dentures and bridges. These could be bone decay and natural susceptibility to failure due to decay and gum diseases. Also, these implants are mostly durable enough to last a lifetime and avoid fractures because they are made of sturdy metals such as titanium. There are some problems and failures that even dental implants may go through. These are:-


Implantation is a surgical process and like any other surgery is prone to infection from even the tiniest bit of germs. And the irony is that this surgery is performed inside the mouth, a place filled with millions of bacteria. Also though patients are given antibiotics, and all the equipment isproperly sterilized correctly, there is still a significant chance of a minor infection. However, the good news is that this infection is usually a very mild one and lasts less than 3-4 days. You can consult your implantologist about chances of disease and the steps you should take in case it occurs before you get the procedure done.

Implant movements

A fracture is meant to be kept still and at rest for the waiting period till the bone does not grow back. Similarly, an implant is supposed to be held still and immobile for about four months. This is so that the bone remodels itself and starts mineralizing and fusing with the implant. This is necessary for everyone who goes through an implant, and if there is movement in the dental implant in between this period, the implant may not properly fuse with the bone and prevent mineralization. This would result in the formation of soft tissue on the side instead of bone. Because of this, the implant will become loose and painful.

This sounds horrible, but it can be prevented by not applying too much force on the implant for the first two to three months. Joining the tooth to other adjacent teeth with a temporary addition of amber will help keep it stable. This can later be painlessly drilled out in one session resulting in an implants dentaires bien fait or perfectly good implant.

So, if you were going to get your implant or have recently got it, you should know about these problems that can occur and how to solve them so that your implant experience goes smoothly.

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