Dieting the Right Way Can Help Shed off Extra Pounds

Exercise and diet go hand in hand. You might work out extensively in the gym, but not watching what you eat cannot help you shed weight. There is lots of healthy stuff that you can purchase and eat. One such food is dried beef cut into long strips.

Why Jerky is Recommended by People

Jerky is known for its nutritional value. When consumed in the right proportion can help you shed off those extra pounds. The reason why many people prefer this makes an excellent in between meal snack and is easily available. Many people complain that beef jerky contains high concentration of sodium, but there are other types of jerky available that can serve your purpose.

Low calorie jerky contains approximately 14gms of protein and 70 calories per ounce that can appease your appetite and make you feel full. Added advantage here is that it also improves your metabolic rate and helps you achieve lean muscle mass. These can also be used as an alternative for sweet cravings.

Some of the nutritional benefits of jerky include:

  • It is rich in proteins and contains all kinds of amino acids
  • It is low in carbohydrates and contains approximately 2-3 grams of carbohydrates
  • It is rich in iron and zinc
  • It also has phosphorous and vitamin B-12

The Right Diet While Recovering from Exercise Injuries

Hitting the gym after a long time or indulging in any form of physical exercise can take a toll on your health. A muscle sprain, ankle twist, back pain all are a part and parcel of exercising. It can happen to anyone. In such situations, you might need to take rest and recover.

This does not mean that you completely derail from your exercise regime. While you are recovering from your injury, you can continue maintaining your diet. You can purchase fruits, vegetables and jerky and make healthy recipes out of them. If your injury is severe, you might want to consult a doctor and take medications for the same. Secondly, depending on the extent of your injury, you can do small routine exercises, that do not cause your injury to worsen.

If you want to resume working out after your injury, you can talk to your doctor and discuss a different alternative. Bear in mind, your injury has just healed and can return and make matters worse, if you do not give it ample time to recover.


Eat healthy and staying fit should be the primary focus when it comes to losing weight. You can keep yourself motivated by maintaining a diary and monitoring your weight.

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